Agnes Witte
14 October 2023

Homeward Call

Have you heard our homeward call?
We’ll be back tomorrow,
Circled ‘round a warming fire,
Forgotten the land of sorrow.

Refr:                                                                                                                 Listen to the distant flute that
Calls from the Western seashore
Come along, for the day is at hand
When you’ll be lonely no more.

How good and powerful were those times
When Earth was still our Mother
She spoke to us through rocks and trees
She knew us like no other.


Steady was the pulse of life
Beating through wild wood and meadow,
We babbled with the sparkling brook,
We whispered with the nightglow.


Oh human child so preoccupied
Know that the wild is returning.
Your plans and your schemes and your arrogance
Dissolve in a longing so burning.

When the edge between you and the world is too sharp,
Just walk along the strand
And maybe you’ll hear in the deepest stillness
A melody so grand.

Hush, the earth is breathing.